Urumbukal Urangarilla Review 

Urumbukal Urangarilla Review 


The movie with lesser star cast and even didn’t take promotion strategies on a grand scale to attract a lot of audience to the theatres, the only thing that drives me to the theatre was the striking title.As the title ‘Urumbukal Urangarilla’ ants have a vital role as well as a very good screen presence in the movie. 

 Debutant film maker Jiju Ashokan had tried well to execute this story and have been almost successful in it rather than to giving clarity to some central scenes which brings things together to the plot but towards the end with a thrilling climax it has been adjusted. If he had made the scenes a little more thrilling this should have been a perfect thriller..

The casting including Vinay forrt and Cheban Vinod has done their role nicely. Shajon had done a very good performance. Aju Varghrse, Mustafa and Ananya were also good but don’t have much to do as thier characters were small.Innocent, Sudheer karmana and Thasni Khan also supported well.

The first half is of introducing all the characters and filled with lot of fun elements and then the second half contains much dramatic elements with a thrill full brilliant climax.

movie starts with the story of a thief Vinod(Vinay fortt) who got caught By an expert thief Kelu Ashan(Sudheer karmana) and later he brings him to one of his favorite student to give him a training. Then the story continous on the backdrop of those thiefs and their problems.

Bottom line: the movie should been more beautiful if director could made little more thrilling in those central scenes.overall an average flick which u will never get disappointed.


  • perfomance of vinay fort, Cheban Vinod and Shajon 
  • Cinematography  


  • Script could have been made more thrill full.
  • BGM was just ok 

Verdict: a one time watchable family entertainer with a brilliant climax.

Thirdshows Rating:3/5 

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