“Survivor” – Beyond Short film| Review

“Survivor” – Beyond Short film| Review



“This girl survived the cruelty of the society, it may change our views towards these SURVIVORS”.

Survivor is a Malayalam short film written and directed by TOM RAPHAEL. Dop and Cinematography is handled by his brother MANU RAPHAEL.

Survivor tells the story of a couple’s meeting after breakup and ends in a way that makes us speechless for a moment. This is being entirely different from all kind of other short films which releases these days. “The Raphel Brothers” executed a major thoughtful issue happening in our society in a simple way.

Script and the Cinematography are the main highlights of this short film. These brothers should be appreciated for the idea of taking this in a single scene of conversation between two couples (JOHN and SONU).

Survivor which was published on 23rd Jan 2015 by Tom itself.Till now it had got more than 17K views with 300 likes and have only 5 dislikes.

Watch ‘Survivor’ Malayalam short film

Verdict: A must watch shortfilm

T/S Rating: 3.5/5



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