Style Review: An action packed thriller 

Style Review: An action packed thriller 


Style from the makers of Ithihaasa is the first movie of 2016 in malayalam.Style was also one of the awaited movies of last year and after watching the Trailer the expectations got higher.
Style is a cliche movie which narrates the story of a car mechanic Tom who leads a happy life with his family and friends and suddenly some quick turns happens in his life. We usually watch all those stuff like car race, action, love, fun in Telugu action packed entertainer movies and style is like one of them.

The story revolves around Tom who leads a simple life with his family and his Friend Di Capro. he falls in loves with a girl Hiya and once she met with a problem with Edger a Physo Criminal. Tom tries to help her and the problem gets complicated. Then the story goes around it.

On to the Technicle Side, Anil Narayan’s and Dominic Arun’s script has been executed in a very good manner by Director Binu S. He have done a neat job and special kudos for him. Cinematography by the duo Sinoj P Ayyappan were really superb. Music composed by Jassie gift were really nice including the “chenthamara chundil” and the Background Score by Rahul Raj were very Apt and wonderful. The movie is edited by National Award winner Vivek Harshan and were beautiful.

On to the Performance, Unni Mukundan was perfect with action sequences and style but romance part and fun was not upto the mark.    Debutant actress Priya kandwal is the actress were beautiful and were ok with it.

Tovino Thomas as Edger were really handsome and stylish both in looks and in terms of Action.He just lived the character As a Physo Villain and once again proved his Caliber.

Balu Varghese as done a neat supporting role. Master Ilhan were really nice with his cute role.Baiju and Vijayaraghavan were really good with their roles. Santhosh Keezhatoor, Nobi and Dominic were good. Shine Tom Chako also plays a small role in guest appearance

Bottom line: style is action thriller movie with little romance and much fun. Story line is simple and cliche but if you like Telugu Movies you will also like this.

  • Performance of Tovino Thomas.
  • Cinematography.
  • Making and BGM.


  • Performance of Unni Mukund.
  • Story line could have been little more better.

Verdict: An well Executed Action thriller with a simple storyline.Above Average flick which you could enjoy with your friends and famil.

Thirdshows Rating:3.25/5.



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