A cute glance about the Short Film “Silma Nadan”



‘Silma Nadan’ is a short film that contains all elements of a feature film executed with in 40 minutes. It is conveyed a good message through a funny manner. The short film has a tag line (question) of ‘ Is it Nivin Pauly’s story??‘. The tag line attracts the viewers to the short film. Anyway it is worth to watch.

The direction and penning done by Bonny M Koodathil, he did his part very well. The producer of the short film is Bini Thomas. Cinematography is Sreeraj Raveendran, Music is Aby Tom Cyriac and Editing is Lalu Kizhakkeveetil. All are done their part well. 

Cast is Shivakumar, Sayana, Jins Baskar, Kannan Perumpallil, Nikhil VG, Johnson Manjaly. Shivkumar is in the lead role and he is extremely well and he is one of the main advantage of this short film. Other casts are done their job in a decent manner.

The plot is, becoming a film-star has been a long cherished dream of Eby. As fate would have it, he ended up working as an I.T professional to earn his wages. Even when he is surrounded by the mundane day-to-day happenings at the workplace, where he even loses the girl that he loved, he still holds in his heart that dream of becoming an actor and a big name in the world of cinema. One day, he chances upon a film-crew who were shooting nearby, and meets a production executive, who agrees to help him out to make an entry in cinema. Without knowing what is in store for him, Eby falls for the offer and even quits his job to pursue his ambition. The pitfalls that await him, how he copes with them and what becomes of his dream forms the rest of this short-film, that is narrated with a humorous touch.

The short film Published on 21 Mar 2015 and it has about 1.5 Lakh views, 500 likes and 80 dislikes.

T/S Rating – 3.5/5

Verdict – Worth to watch

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