Shutdown: Malayalam Short film.

Shutdown: Malayalam Short film.


SHUT DOWN is a Malayalam feel good short film scripted and directed by Maria Thomas.  Cinematography is handled by Ashik Vijayakumar and edited by Ashraff Muhammed.

Mariya Thomas is a Media student who is a die hard cinema lover, her debutante flick ‘Shut Down’ is a 13mins short film that says the story of present generation and their attitude. its quite common that the kids of today’s generation are more fond of smart phones and social networks and most of them forgets to mingle with the near and dear ones. its true that social networks are a great thing that we get a lot of new friends but the over usage of it effects the real world relationships. such a theme is taken and described here. she also mentions that if we are willing to compromise a little in our life, we gets the best out of it.

Rosann Philip and Rayaan Philip are the ones acted in this short film.

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