Shikhamani Review: did the movie failed to impress the audience??

Shikhamani Review: did the movie failed to impress the audience??

Shikhamani is a debutant directional venture of Vinod Guruvayoor who had earlier penned Deepan’s Prithviraj starred ‘Hero’. Cheban Vinod and Mridula Warrior in the lead. the movie is produced by K. K. Rajagopal under Sreeraj Cinema.

Story/Writer: Vinod Guruvayoor.
Cinematography: Manoj Pillai.

Sudeep Palanad.
BGM: Bijibal.
Lyrics: Shibu Chakaravarthi.
Art Direction: Satheesh Ayyappan.
Costume Design: Sunil Rahman.


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Cheban Vinod as titular Character Shikhamani was good with his looks and performance.
Mridula Murali as Devika was just okay but could have been more better.
Mukesh as station master and Saikumar as a police officer were good with their character.
J C Chakravorthy as the villain were really weird with his expressions and in many scenes his performance resembles with Santhosh Pandit.
J P Sudheer, Karamana Noby, Sunil Sugatha, Shaju, Manraj, Kottayam Pradeep, Kiran Raj, Chinnu Kuruvila, Gokulan, Anjana, and Manjusha also include the cast and supported well.



‘Shikhamani’ tells a story that takes place in a remote village near a forest area; the life and experiences of the villagers are narrated in the movie. Chemban Vinod Jose does the title role of Shikhamani. Shikhamani is a railway gang-man. The railway runs kilometers through the forest. Although there are other gang-mans, Shikhamani is the most honest and efficient among them. He lives in the nearby village. Quite unexpectedly a girl enters Shikhamani’s life and the resulting events are plotted in ‘Shikhamani’.


a well talented supporting actor who had captured the hearts of millions of Malayalee audience with his natural and funny acting in this short period of time. Cheban Vinod, his first movie as a leading hero, this were the main reason to watch Shikhamani on the First day itself.

this is the debutante directional venture of Vinod Guruvayoor who had earlier penned the story, screenplay, and dialogue of Deepan’s Prithviraj starred ‘Hero’. the director had been using the old school Making style through out the movie and also failed to utilize the leading stars especially Cheban Vinod. the dialogues were too artificial and also many comedies were added which we dont even smile for it.
Cinematography by Manoj Pillai was really superb and stands the best in Shikhamani.
Music by  Sudeep Palanad was just average and the BGM by bijibal were not up to the mark. the background score stands oddly in many occasions. editing was also poor.

the movie had tried to give away many messages such as cheatings happening in the modern educational system, students getting into terrorism in the younger age due to the situations, etc…
with a slow paced first half with a much cliched lagging second half with a predictable climax, Shikhamani failed to impress the audience.

Bottom line: a poor making of a lagging screenplay resulting in a boring cliched movie.


  • Cinematography


  • Poor making and lagging Screenplay.
  • Editing.
  • Songs and BGM.

Verdict: A Below Average Thriller .

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

Thirdshows Rating: 1.5/5.

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