School Bus Review : A family thriller

School Bus Review : A family thriller

‘School Bus’ is directed by Rosshen Andrews and scripted by Bobby and Sanjay. Kunchacko Boban does the central character Sub Inspector Gopakumar along with Jayasurya and Aparna Gopinath in the lead. C K Muralidharan wields camera for the film.  ‘School Bus’ is produced by A V Anoop under the banner of A V A Productions.


Watch the trailer of School Bus:


Kunchacko Boban as SI Gopakumar.
Jayasurya as Joseph.
Aparna Gopinath as Aparna.
Aakash Muraleedharan as Ajoy Joseph.
Angelleena Rosshan as Angelina.

The movie revolves around two school children and narrates the incidents in their life in an interesting and heart-rending way. Ajoy and Angelina, children of Joseph (Jayasurya) and Aparna (Aparna Gopinath) play the roles of these two children. Joseph is a Sales Executive in a big firm and Aparna owns a boutique. The intervention of certain characters makes their life highly complicated and the children too get affected.



as the rejoining of the great director and one of the best duo writers of Malayalam cinema, School Bus had much for expectation. even though the movie didn’t reach well up to the expectation Roshan Andrews had been successful in executing a family thriller decently with a good message at the end for parents.
the well-written script by Bobby-Sanjay was the backbone of the movie. Cinematography by C K Muralidharan needs special mention here as it was simply superb. the visual treat, especially on the later half on the movie, were brilliant. Background Score composed by Gopi Sunder were very apt to the scenes while the songs were not up to the mark. Editing done by Nation Award Winner Vivek Harshan were also good.

On to the Performance, Kunchako Boban as  SI Gopakumar were okay and the character were safe in his hands. Jayasurya as Joseph, a bold and strict father of two kids and Aparna Gopinath as Aparna itself, the mother of two performed neatly and nicely. the two child characters, Ajoy performed by Master Akash Muraleedaran, son of Camera man Muraleedaran were ok with his role but it was so much dramatic on many of the occasions and Anju performed by Angelleena Rosshan, Daughter of Roshan Andrwess were nice. Sudheer Karamana was only there for a couple of scenes but his emotional scene with Jayasurya was a touching one, Nandu as the subordinate police officer was quite good.

The 112mins movie discusses the family issues of Joseph and Aparna. The couple is finding it tough to adjust mutually and followed by some occasions which lead to great problems and finally a satisfied happy ending.
There is nothing new in the story but the intention to pass a very relevant message to parents deserve a special applause. Though there are some takeaways for parents, School Bus is also partly a children’s film narrated through kids and at the same time involving parents too in the process.

Bottom Line: A well-written script executed decently with a good message for the parents.


  • Cinematography and Direction.
  • Script.
  • Background Score and Edits.


  • the performance of Master Aakash was so much dramatic.
  • some boring occasions in the first half could have been avoided.
  • the ambitious imagination of the second half was a bit unconvincing and somewhat unbelievable.
  • Songs.

Verdict: An average family thriller.

Thirdshows Rating: 2.75/5.

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