Popcorn Review: A tasty entertainer.

Popcorn Review: A tasty entertainer.


Popcorn is a Malayalam movie written by Shani Khader, Direction and cinematography By Aneesh Upasana. The music is composed by Lella Girikutan and Twins(Arun and Anub) and edited by Vishnu Venugopal. The movie is Produced By Shibu Divakar & Shine Gopi under Bansuri Release.
the movie was titled Kinterum Joyum first, but later changed to Popcorn.

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Shine Tom Chacko as Kinter.
Bagath Manuel as Joy.
Soubin as Milton.
Srinda as Sharon.
Anjali Upasana, Sudheer Karamana, Indrance,  Jaffer Idukki, Kochu Preman, Ponnamma Babu, Sasi Kalinga and Tharikida Sabu.


Kinder comes in search of his love to Kerala from his hometown. He comes across Joy and they jointly try to track the lady. It so happens that Kinder has no other alternative but to earn money to win his love. He meets Sharon who is in pursuit of her absconding boyfriend. and she offers him wealth if he assists her to uncover the missing man.

Milton, who is Sharon’s cousin unites with them. The trio determines to journey to North India and arrives at the rustic regions of Nasik. They confront many problems there and then this leads to the climax of the movie.


On to the Technical side, this is Aneesh Upasana’s third movie after Matinee (2012) and Seconds(2014). the Cinematography an Direction is done by himself. Being Precise Upasana has done an excellent job executing this entertainer neatly. The movie is shot mainly in Kochi and Nashik(Maharashtra). he had nicely visualized the places and culture of Nashik. the only fault felt was about the screenplay of the first half, seriously it made somewhat boring and many unwanted sequences were there but towards the interval to end, the movie showcases well with some serious elements with much fun.
Editor Vishnu Venugopal needs a special mention here, the movie was neatly edited. the Music is composed by both Lella Girikutan and Twins(Arun and Anub), it was just okay. Art Department have done a great job too.

On to the Performance, Shine Tom Chacko as Kinter performed neatly and the character were safe in his hands. Bhagath Manuel as Joy was not up to the mark, he had many flaws throughout the movie, the timing of the comedies was not that much accurate and most of his comedies failed to make the audience laugh.
Srinda as Sharon were nice, she had a huge screen presence throughout the movie. her part was done neatly, not only with comedies but also her emotional scenes were really good.
Towards the end of first half, Soubin Shahir enters into the plot, each and every word was making the audience laugh till the stomach ache. this is one of his best performance. it was after a long time, Sasi Kallinga is seen on the big Screen, even though it was a small part, he performed well.
Indrance, Sudheer Karamana, Anjali Upasana, Jaffer Idukki, Ponnamma Babu, Kochu Preman and Tharikida Sabu forms the remaining cast

in this 133 mins movie, the first half showcases how the lead get to join together and followed by some serious plot in a comedy backdrop.

Bottom Line: An enjoyable entertainer. even though the first half was weak it was adjusted by a good later half with many funnier elements.


  • DOP and Editing.
  • Performance of Soubin Shahir
  • Direction


  • somewhat boring first half.
  • many unwanted sequences could be avoided in the first half.

Verdict: A nice Family Comedy Entertainer.

Thirdshows Rating: 3/5

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