PaVa Review: Tale of two Friends.

PaVa Review: Tale of two Friends.


PA..VA is a Malayalam satire movie, which views life from a humorous angle and finds humor in the saddest moments of life. It ascertains the fact that ‘there is laughter even in tears’. the Movie is Directed by Sooraj Tom, Produced by Siyad Muhammed and scripted by Ajish Thomas, has Murali Gopy and Anoop Menon in the lead roles. The cinematography is handled by Sathish Kurup and Music by Anand Madhu.


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Murali Gopi as Pappan.
Anoop Menon as Varkey.
Prayaga Martin as Mary.
P. Balachandran
Renji Panicker Thamburan Johny.
Indrans as Kunju.
Ashokan, Ranjini, Shammy Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnamma
KPAC Lalitha, P. Sreekumar, Sunil Sukhada, Idavela Babu, Muthumani
Arya, Prasanth, Bhagyalakshmi, Ponnamma Babu.


PA..VA (Pappanekurichum Varkiyekurichum) is a family satire, which views life from a humorous angle and finds humor in the saddest moments of life. It ascertains the fact that there is laughter even in tears.
The plot revolves around two friends Pappan and Varkey, who are about 80 years old. They are childhood friends and their friendship can be defined as an unparalleled phenomenon because it is that deep and strong.  the movie showcases the deep friendship level, the emotions of old age peoples, the realization of the fact that no matter how much rich we are, we cant take it when we dies and so on.

the On to the Technical side, even though Sooraj Tom’s Direction had few flaws, as a Debutant it was okay. slow paced Screenplay by Ajish Thomas was the main drawback of the movie. Cinematography by Sathish Kurup, done a neat job visualizing many good frames. BGm were good and the Songs composed by Anand Madhu were really good especially the “Podimeesha” and “Vinnil Theliyum” were nice.”Innu Njan Pokum” sang by murali gopi were so touching to the situation.
The performance was the real highlight of the movie. On to the Performance,  Murali Gopi as Pappan performed really good with his looks, body language, and dialogue presentation. Anoop Menon as Varkey was ok with the performance but he was struggling with dubbing in many of the occasions and the makeup could have been made better.
Prayaga Martin as Mary looks so gorgeous and cute. even though she don’t have much dialogues, she had a good screen presence.
Indrance as Kunju, Pappen’s helper done a neat role and Renji Panickers Thampuran Johny were somewhere over. P.Balachandran as Father done a good character, Sunil Sukhada, Ashokan, Ranjini, Shammy Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, KPAC Lalitha, P. Sreekumar, Idavela Babu, Muthumani
Arya, Prasanth, Bhagyalakshmi, Ponnamma Babu also supported well.

in this 122 mins movie, the movie starts with the narration by Lal Jose, first half goes through the characterisation of Titular Characters, their childhood and their first love in a very slow pace and followed by some incidence happening in their family and a much-lagged end. PaVa is a small issue narrated well but the movie had been executed very slowly the audience will be feeling irritated on many occasions especially in the first half.

Bottom Line: PaVa can be enjoyed with your family and friends if you go without much expectations. if the unwanted lagging were removed, the movie could have a more enjoyable one.
P.S: special kudos to the director for selection a Theme like this. normally in Mollywood, the grandparents are only used to sit in front of the house and here Sooraj Tom has been taken a full-length movie characterizing them.


  • Murali Gopi and Anoop Menon Performed well
  • Music and Cinematography


  • the movie is narrated too slowly.
  • weak screenplay.

Verdict: An Average Family  Entertainer 

Thirdshows Rating: 2.75/5.

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