Paavada is a Alcoholic Comedy Entertainer

Paavada is a Alcoholic Comedy Entertainer


When we hear the term ‘Paavada’, surely it make us wonder what such a girly stuff has got to do with a film of Alcoholics. Well that the Mystery what G.Marthadan has kept forthe viewers. Pavada is a tale of friendship shown from a different aspect, an unlikely friendship between two people, one old and one young. It’s the bottle which binds them up from vastly different socio-economic backgrounds.

The Technical Aspects:

The direction for Bibin Chandran’s well written Screenplay were really good. Bibin Chandran is the one who had started his career by writing dialogues for ‘Daddy Cool’ followed by script of Best Actor and ‘1983’. The promising screenplay had allowed the actors to explore themselves and the film maker have utilized them almost to an Extent.

Cinematography by Pradeep Nair were beautiful and the cuts by Jhon kutty were nice. Music is Composed by Aby Tom Cyriac (There are 3 songs including one sang by actor Jayasurya) and Gopi Sunder’s background Score is simply superb as always.


Pavada says the story of two friends Pambu Joy (Prithviraj) and Babu Joseph (Anoop Menon), it’s the bottle which binds both of them and are full time Alchoholic.

Joy is a school dropout, who lives as a careless irresponsible person in his village near Pala. He’s married to the long-suffering Sinimol (Miya), a nurse. Joy’s life is completely out of control. He try to good things with a large heart but, unfortunately, his good deeds are overshadowed by his alcoholism.

Joy and Babu meets from a De-addiction centre and get close. Because of some reasons their past binds each other and together they escape from there to fulfil some needs and followed by the problems faced by them.

The Casting and Performance:

Performance of Prithviraj as ‘Pambu Joy’ a full time Alcoholic were mind blowing, he just lived as the character. Once again he proves that he can do fun part in a very well manner. Miya as Sinimol, wife of Joy is a nurse and she were really good with her character. Anoop Menon as Babu Joseph does a very important role as a grizzled old drunkard English professor. Nedumudi Venu as Pillechen, a care taker of the professors home. Biju Menon, Asha Sharreth, Chemban Vinod and Murali Gopi Supported well.

After a Couple of flops Marthandan is back with a promising movie. Surely Pavada will not make you regret and it’s worth watching.


A well executed promising story which discusses the friendship of a two people in a different aspect and also discusses about the ills of alcoholism. First half is a fully enterinter and second half deals with some emotional scenes.


  • Performance of Prithviraj
  • Screenplay


  • Second half lags a bit.

Verdict: A Good Family Comedy Entertainer. Worth Watching. 

Thirdshows Rating:3.25/5.


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