Oru Murai Vanth parthaya Review: A Fantasy Entertainer.

Oru Murai Vanth parthaya Review: A Fantasy Entertainer.

‘Oru Murai Vanth Parthaya’ is a fantasy entertainer directed by debutant Sajan K Mathew and The script is penned by Abhilash Sreedharan. Vinu M Thomas composes music for the lines of K R Narayanan. ‘Oru Murai Vanthu Parthaya’ is directed by debutant Sajan K Mathew. The movie is produced by Siyad Kokker under the banner of Kokkers Entertainment.


Watch the trailer of Oru Murai Vanth Parthaya:


Unni Mukundan as Prakashan
Prayaga Rose Martin as Parvathi
Aju Varghese, Tini tom, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Biju Kuttan, Sadik, Disney, Sudhi Koppa, Prasanth, Bindu Panicker, Kochupreman, and Seema G Nair forms the remaining cast.

Prakashan (Unni Mukundan) is the main electrician in the village. He also owns a shop. He is a live participant in all the activities in the village including arts and sports. Shivettan, Kuriachen, Sankunni, and Kochutten are his friends. Prakashan’s marriage is fixed with Aswathy (Sanusha). Meanwhile, Prakashan acquaints Parvathy (Prayaga Martin) and the resulting interesting incidents are plotted in ‘Oru Murai Vanthu Parthaya’. 



The term ‘Oru Murai Vanth Parthaya’ is a well similar term for us since the release of ‘Manichithrathaazhu’. well, Unni Mukundan starred OMVP also is a fantasy movie as well as an entertainer.
On to the technical aspects, Sajan K have been sucessful in making Abhilash Sreedharan’s scripted fantasy movie in a good way. even there is some lag in second half, the movie is a good entertainer especially for family audiences. Songs by Vinu M Thomas for the lines of K R Narayananthe were really beautiful while the background score were not up to the mark. Cinematography were nice while the edits were just okay.

On to the Performance, Unni Mukundan as Prakashan were good and the character were safe in his hands, even though there had been flaws in some occasion, he had improved a lot compared to his old flicks.
Sanusha looks stunning in normal classy costumes and her role were also nice, Prayaga Martin as Parvathi were also beautiful and her performance were also nice. Aju Varghese done a simple role in a neat way. Suraj Venjaramoodu and Tini Tom appread in a cameo role but both of them really made the audiance laugh. Biju Kuttan and Sudhi Koppa as Prakashan’s Friends also done a neat job. Sadik, Disney, Prasanth, Bindu Panicker, Kochupreman and Seema G Nair also supported well.

the movie is set in the backdrop of Mallapuram, a town in Palakkad. in 2.32hrs long movie, the first half deals with simple life and the characteristics of that village in an entertaining way followed by an unexpected interval twist and a much fantasy second half.

Bottom Line: A simple fantasy Entertainer worth watching with your family and friends. 


  • Cinematogrpahy and Direction were nice.
  • Songs were really beautiful


  • some lag in the later half.
  • Background Score.

Verdict: An average fantasy entertainer.

Thirdshows Rating: 2.75/5.

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