‘Ordinary people’ is not an ordinary short film


Ordinary People is a Malayalam short film written and directed  by Anand PS, he has a great future ahead. Direction and Script deserve a special applause. Short film is produced by K K Sudarsanan. DOP is handled by Bineesh Vishwam, he did well in this film. Background Score composed by Anoop Nirichan is the  main attraction of ‘Ordinary People’ it is simply superb. In one word this is a well executed must watch short film.

Ordinary people portrays the events happening in the lives of 4 couples (as in the movie) on a particular day. Actually there is no climax for the movie, it draws some scenes from each couple in a good manner. In this film undergoing a non-linear narrative structure the movie exploits various levels of man-woman relationship and thus leading to an open ending it forces the audience to have an interpretation of the plot by themselves.

 Published on 12 Dec 2014 in YouTube. It has 195,845 views and 1,502 likes. The good thing is there is only 75 dislikes. (records on 25-05-2015)
Verdict : A wort to watch short film
Rating : 3.5/5


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