Oozham Review: A revenge Drama.

Oozham Review: A revenge Drama.

Oozham is a malayalam Thriller movie written and directed by Jithu Joseph. Cinematography is handled by Shamdat Sainudheen and music is handled by Anil Johnson.

It is the second movie from the Jithu Jospeh-Prithviraj Combo after the blockbuster movie Memories(2013).


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  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Surya
  • Divya Pillai as Gayathri.
  • Rasna Pavithran as Aishwarya
  • Neeraj Madhav as Mohammed Ajmal.
  • Balachandra Menon as Sathyamoorthi.
  • Kishor Satya as Parthasarathy.
  • Irshad, Sampath Raj, Jayaprakash, Anson Paul, Pashupathy forms the crew.


Oozham says the story of a health inspector Sathyamoorthi and his family. the plot develops from the arrival of his elder son Surya, who is an US empolyee and Followed by some unexpected incident happening to thier family. Suya along with his brother Ajmal and friend Gaythri plans to take revenge.


On to the Technical side, Jithu Joseph has once again proved his talent with a well written screenplay and brilliant direction. each and every moment it was good to watch and thrilling too, not even a single scene will make us bored. Editor Ayoob khan need to be specially mention for his superb cuts. All those scenes which joins the past and present have made beautifully.

Shamdat Sainudheen is the one behind the visuals, he is well known for his earlier tamil movies like Uthamavillian and Vishvaroopam. He had visualised the movie neatly. Music is composed by Anil Johnson, who had earlier worked with Jithu in life of Josutty, Memories and Drishyam had once again done a good job. the song ‘thirike varumo’ was nice and also the Background Score was very apt and perfect for the movie.

On to the Performance, Prithviraj as Surya performed in a great way, he has given one of his best performance with full energy and his performance was very good especially on main scenes and in those sentimental scenes.

Balachandra Menon and Seetha played as health inspector Sathyamoorthi and wife subalakshmi. Neeraj madhav as thier adapted son Mohammed Ajmal Performed neatly. He had done his part in a very good way. Debutant Rasna Pavithran played as younger sister Aishwarya.

jayaprakash as Villain was nice and Pashupathy as Caption performed well. Irshad, Anson Paul also supported well.

in this 140 mins movie, the movie starts with the life of a family and followed by some unexpected things happening in thier life and followed by taking down of revenge in a thrilling way.

Oozham also discuss some Serious issue that happens in our society like the big MNC’s dirty business and all.

Bottom Line: The movie dont have an big suspence but its thrilling and also the movie has showcased the relationship of family, friends.


  • Direction
  • Performance of Prithviraj
  • Editing and background Score.


  • The Villains could have been little more stronger and also the journey of hero toward achieving the goal was so fast.
  • Some questions remains in the end.

Verdict: A good family drama thriller 

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