‘Mr.Saturday’ beyond the level of short film :Review

‘Mr.Saturday’ beyond the level of short film :Review


“None other than our mind can change our fate. So Observe, Think, Analyse and Respond.”

‘Mr. Saturday’ is a Malayalam short film penned and directed by Karthik Chintu.DOP is Handled by KG Ratheesh, Cuts by Aravind Manmadhan . Music and the Background Score by PS Jayhari.        

Technical side especially screen play and direction is simply awesome , surely the maker should be appreciated for his ultimate efforts. Actors too have played  their roles really well, the lead roles are done by Disney James,Praveen.P.Gopinath and Mamtha.                                          Disney James, words fall short to explain this actor who has successfully handled several character transitions, brilliantly and Praveen.P.Gopinath is a best selling author. He is known by the name Mr. Mallu, due to a short film he did in the past. We are sure here on, he will be know by the name “Mr.Saturday”.                              Director has been successful  executing this movie in a way, that is beyond the level of short films and have all contents which meets the characteristics of a feature film.                  We can see how much hardwork and dedication he has given for this half hour flick from each and every scenes. The very first scene of comparing his life to coconut is executed brilliantly. And toward the end the way he makes a girl fall in love is also to be noted . 

Coming to the plot, ‘Mr.Saturday’ is the story about a young man, who has never found a break or success in his 32 years of life. To know the reason of this defeat the young man meets many astrologers from various parts . As prophesied by the astrologers the young man believes that the he gets defeated in every parts of his life because of the  impact of planet saturn (shani) . Continuos failures pushes rajeev to the brick of insanity . Until rajeev meets a person who appointed by his father . He then takes a ride with rajeev and makes him understands where rajeev forgot to turn back ! 

A special kudoos for Karthik and surely  this guy will make a new future to the entire mollywood industry.
Thirdshows wish to see the name  Karthik Chinthu in big screens as a feature film maker soon.

Verdict : Highly recommended

Rating : 4.5/5

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