Monsoon Mangoes : A simple positive film

Monsoon Mangoes : A simple positive film


Abi Varghese Debutanal Venture Mansoon Mangoes is a light hearted story of an Aspiring film maker and his life. D.P Pallikal played by Fahad Fasil is a passionate film maker who tries hard to make a movie even though he isn’t good in term of Talent.

The movie is completely taken in the backdrop of U.S. in real frames of olden 80’s style. D.P Pallikal even in his 30’s is a unsuccessful man both in home and town. He tries to find a distributor for his movie But unfortunately he fails to impress him with his story Mansoon Mangoes in which he portrays a lonely old man and his life. He finds out a washed-out Bollywood actor Prem Kumar for acting in his movie. But due to many problems he can’t fulfill his dream and complete the shooting, and then the story continues on how and what he do to purse his passion. The climax was really beautiful and will be a heart touching for all passionate movie lovers.

The movie gives out many positive messages like “Never make Cinema your Life, let your Life be the Cinema”. Though his movie may be about an expatriate dream, the movie lags a bit.

On to the Technical Side, Abi Varghese have done a neat Job in executing this beautiful visualized movie but the screenplay written by the Trio Abi Varghese,Matt Grubb and Naveen Bhaskar lags a bit. DOP by Lukasz Pruchnik were really good and the Edits were also nice. Art director need to give a special applause for his superb Art work.

On to the Casting, Fahad Fasil were so much Natural and done his part well. Nandhu as D.P.Pallikal’s father done a very good supporting role. Sanju Shivaram and Vinay Fort as his friends done a neat supporting role. Iswarya Menon were really Gorgeous but as Female Lead have nothing more to do. Jacob Gregory also appears in a Item Dance and Tovino Thomas also have very few scenes.

Bottom Line:
A light hearted simple slow paced movie which gives many positive inspiring messages.


  • performance of Fahad Fasil
  • Direction and DOP
  • Art Section


  • Feels lagging.
  • Screenplay could have been made better.

Verdict: Watch it if you want to see a good positive film.

Thirdshows Rating: 3/5


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