Maya Review

Maya Review


Keeping the audience engrossed to the screen throughout its runtime and explaining the suspense factor in a really captivating way is what is supposed to be the usual pattern of horror flicks. Maya directed by Ashwin Saravanan hasn’t tried to step out from this usual routine, but yes it has an emotional reason for the ghost factor and also there is this interesting linking between cinema and life which makes it an overall above average creation that succeeds in keeping you on the edge of your seats.
I don’t know how to explain this plot without revealing much. So if you want a clean slate experience just skip this paragraph. It is actually revolving around a cinema that was made based on a true story (in the cinema). The film was struggling to get a release and the director of the film was in a heroine hunt for the next film. The entry of Apsara, a struggling single mother in to the casting and how the haunted cinema and the ghost that causes all the issues manages to create a link with her is what the movie talking about.
Ashwin Saravanan seems to have a good idea on keeping the frames exciting and terrifying. From the beginning itself he manages to maintain a realistic atmosphere with the feel of a horror film. It takes a while for us to distinguish between the movie within the movie and also the story of the movie. Ashwin manages to keep a good balance between these two and he reveals the plot intriguingly at the interval point. The film fizzles slightly in the second half with predictability in some areas spoiling the fun. But the fear factor was there and the emotional climax and the visually lush representation of that idea leave a good impression about the content.
On screen Nayantara as Apsara was a good choice as she fits into the appearance of a single mother. Acting wise the task wasn’t that daunting for her and whatever needed was there in her performance. Aari, Amzath Khan, Mime Ravi and Lakshmi Priyaa did their respective roles nicely.
As I said, Ashwin Saravanan has a good sense about the viewer. The treatment has the excitement essential for a horror thriller. Some of the deaths shown were really brutal. The script builds the tension smoothly and the balance I mentioned between the two stories was a good one. The only possible demerit of the film is in the second half scripting were it feels a bit too conventional. The cinematography and edits keeps the spooky feel lively. The music and background score were really catchy.
Bottom line:Overall Maya is a horror thriller that manages to keep you nervous. With an emotional climax that reveals the role of the chief protagonist, the movie falls in the good category.

Verdict:Maya has enough to frighten watch it.

Thirdshows Rating:3/5.

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