Life of Josutty : Review 

Life of Josutty : Review 


Expectations were at the peak where heard about the rejoining of the duo Dileep-Jithu after the blockbuster ‘My Boss’.

Once again Jeethu Joseph proved that he is the hit maker of Malayalam movie industry.’Life of Josutty’ is a clean family entertainer which discuss the story of a common man Josutty and about his family, happiness, problems, sorrows etc…
The technicle side including Script penned by Rajesh Varma were quite good and the direction by Jithu Joseph was really wonderful. The music director anil Johnson was also ok giving us 3 good songs. Ravichandran were able to capture good visuals which meets up the story nicely.

First half were filled with lot of fun elements and followed by a sentimental serious second half which too was filled with little comedies and a surprising climax.

Coming on to the Casting, Dileep had performed wonderfully and Ranchana Narayankutty as female lead was nice. Thier chemistry also workout well. Followed by a lot of actors including Jyothikrishna, Suraj, Harish Peradi, Chembil Asokan, Sunil Sugatha, Sudheer Karamana, Noby, Saju Navodaya, Koottikkal Jayachandran, P Balachandran, Cleetus, Nirmala Menon, and Krishnapriya also include the cast.
‘Life of Josutty’ narrates the story of Josutty (Dileep) from age 8 to 30. Josutty is a migrant farmer in Kattappana. He is the sole dependent of his family but at a particular time, a serious problem occurs in thier life and to overcome it, he travels to newzland by sacrificing his aspirations and dreams which were close to his heart and the story continuous on how he overcome all his problems succeed it.
Bottom line: If the second half were trimmed enough this would be more entertaining.


  • Dileep
  • Direction


  • Second half lags a lot
  • Screenplay could have been made better
  • The movie has nothing new to offer

Verdict: a one time watchable feel good family entertainer.

Thirdshows Rating:2.5/5 

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