Leela Review: A journey towards a wild male fantasy

Leela Review: A journey towards a wild male fantasy


Biju Menon as Kuttiyappan.
Parvathi Nambiar as Leela.
Vijayaraghavan as Pillayachan.
Indrans as Dassapaapy.
Jagadeesh as Thankappan Nair.
Sudheer Karamana.
Suresh Krishna.
Kochu preman.
Leela is based on a short story of Unni R which narrates the story of a man Kuttiyappan who have weird fantasy and the craziest ways he approaches ladies for his sexual pleasure is shown in the movie.
once he dream of such a wild fantasy and followed by how he fullfil that dream.

A viewer who haven’t read the novel might find the going little bit tough since Leela moves at a very snail pace focusing on Kuttiappan , Pillaychan and Broker Dasappappy’s journey of finding girls to satisfy the sexual pleasures of Kuttiappan and how they end up meeting Leela.

Kuttiyappan is the best performance from Biju Menon in his entire carrier. all those supporting actors performed in a superb way especially VijayaRaghavan and Indrans. Jagadhees played a small yet Important role in a excellent way and it was shocking to see him in that role.
Ranjith isn’t known for being a director who gives emphasis on visuals. His movies are more on the verbal side of movie making. But here the director surprises with less focus on sophisticated conversations. The thoughts are conveyed through delicate expressions and images. Unni R expands the story in a better way and nicely puts in new elements to create that black humor. Much like the short story, all the characters are peculiar and memorable. Prashanth Ravindran has done an impressive job with camera. The helicam shots that showed the beauty of Wayanadu also deserves a special mention. The cuts were nice and the background score from Bijibal was excellent and did its part nicely. The shocking climax looked very less artificial but your mind will be filled with a lot of questions and will stay in your mind for a long time.

Bottom Line: An entertaining first half, a little bit laggy second half with a questioning Climax, Leela stays in your mind like the way the short story haunted you.



  • Direction.
  • Cinematography and Background Score.
  • Along with Biju Menon, Indrance, Vijayaraghavan and  Jagadheesh Peromed well.


  • Some lag in the plot.


Recommendation: Leela is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Thirdshows Rating: 3.5/5.



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