Kunjiramayanam: review 

Kunjiramayanam: review 


Among the Onam releases Kunjiramayanam was the only movie which comes without much promotions and as a result the expectations were less.

The movie is a simple story of few friends,competition, their village and some beliefs over there executed nicely with lot of fun elements.

Debutant director Basil Joseph’s style of narrating a simple story like this were nice and different. The cinematographer Vishnu Sharma had been able to visualize the movie beautifully while the edits of the movie was good. Justin Prabhakaran had given a couple of good songs especially the promo song ‘Salsa’ was nice. BGM too was ok.
The movie don’t have any space for logic but in starting itself they take precaution by saying about the village and the people over there is uneducated. Kunjiramayanam set in an imaginary village ‘Desham’ says the story of kunjiraman (Vineeth sreenivasan) fighting with his uncle for some silly matter and accept a challenge for being a successful man.

Neeraj and Deepak plays as friends to Raman and their combo was nice. On the other side combo scenes of Dhyan and Aju Varghese was also nice. The the story continues on some simple matters including some beliefs of their village set in the backdrop of humorous situations.
On to the casting, Vineeth was perfect for the role. While Dhyan was ok with his role, Neeraj, Deepak, Aju Varghese and Nirmal was really good making many fun elements

Srintha, Arya (bedai Banglov fame), Biju kuttan, Mamukoya, Indrance, Noby, Sudheer Karmana and Sasi kalinga are the supporting row.
Bottom line: if u wish to watch a good fun filled movie without much intentions like heroism, intervel punch and twisty climax, here is your choice to enjoy on this Onam.

  • Direction was nice.
  • Camera.
  • Music.
  • Performance of Vineeth, Neeraj and Aju was really good.


  • The movie don’t have a relavent story

Verdict: a simple fun filled family entertainer.
Thirdshows Rating:3/5

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