‘Ko kara Ko’ Review : First FanFilm in Malayalam

‘Ko kara Ko’ Review : First FanFilm in Malayalam

‘Ko Kara Ko’ is a Malayalam FanFilm directed by Chris Jos and presented by Hipsters Media Production. From all those usual short flick that we are used to, this is somewhat different from all those, Kokarako is a FanFilm that too first time in Malayalam.

So whats a FanFilm? 

A Fanfilm is a tribute to someone and bt getting inspired from the making style of a Director or the characters and dialogues of an actor. Here this guys that given tribute to Alphonse Putheran and Nivin Pauly.

‘Ko kara ko’ is all about the combination of Nivin Pauly’s characters and his dailouges along with Alphonse Putherans making style and BGM’s are also from the movies. Chris Jos being a great fan of Both, this is fully a tribute for them.

On to the Technical side, the direction and Making side of this filck is really nice. Cinematography by Bony Thomas is refreshing. The main attractive part of the movie is its music. all music and BGM is from Pauly movies, but it is used in exact situation it demands. Editor Alwin Thomas, too had done a neat job.

The Director could have tried some more intresting or strong plot and also the screenplay have many flaws right from the begining. Apart from this, the fan film is trying to convey a social relevant message, which is increasing nowadays in our Kerala.

On to the Performance, as it was the dailouges from movies were used, the actors had really faced an challenge as the audiance surely will have a comparison in thier mind with the orginal ones delivered by Nivin pauly. in that sence, there were some flaws even though comparing them with a big star like Nivin Pauly is logic less.

Bottom Line: Beyond all those normal short films we use to watch, this is entirely different from all those. So do watch ‘Ko Kara Ko’ as a FanFilm and not as a short film.

Verdict : A worth watch for all the fans of Nivin Pauly and Alphonse Putheran.

Watch ‘Ko kara Ko’ here : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wCmGw3qxxCY&feature=youtu.be

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