Kavi Uddheshichathu..? Review: A one time watchable entertainer.

Kavi Uddheshichathu..? Review: A one time watchable entertainer.

Kavi Uddheshichathu..? is a Malayalam film directed by Thomas Liju Thomas. It features Asif Ali,Biju Menon, and Narain in lead roles, and is produced Jointly by Asif Ali and Sajin Jaffer under the production, Adam’s World Of Imagination. Liju made a mark in the industry with the short film Ramaniyechiyude Namathil, which won many awards. the Music and background score for the film are composed by Jakes Bijoy and Vinu Thomas and the Cinematography is handled by Shahnad Jalal.

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Asif Ali As Kavalam Jimmy
Biju Menon As Minnal Simon
Narain As Vattathil Bosco
Anju Kurian As Jasmine
Balu Varghese
Sudhi Koppa
Bindu Panicker
Veena Nair, Pradeep Kottayam, Sasi Kalinga, Dinesh panicker, Sija Rose.


Kavi Uddheshichathu narrates the story of few friends in a Village named Allimoola where volleyball is the important game there. the people over there enjoys every game along with betting. Once some incidents occurs where Jimmy(Asif Ali) and his friends got to play a tournament and need to win it as it becomes their prestige issue.


On to the Technical side, the movie Dop handled by Shahnad Jalal were really beautiful, The the duo behind the music department, Jakes Bijoy and Vinu Thomas; the Songs were not so soothing to hear while the background score was apt to the scenes. there were many flaws in the making side especially on the placement of songs and all but as an Debutant, Liju Thomas had made a neat screenplay and a good execution without many cliches.
On to the Performance, Asif Ali as Kavalam Jimmy, as an enthusiastic Youth performed well. Narain as Vattathil Bosco was disappointment with his boring performance.
Biju Menon as Minnal Simon, even though he comes the second half only, he performed well.

Anju Kurian as jasmine looks good but her performance was just average. Lena as Gladis, a Bold bachelor women performed well. Bindu panicker played as Jimmy’s mother. the Combo scenes between Jimmy and his mom was really good but the Chemistry between the Asif and Anju weren’t lovely. Balu Varghese, Sudhi Koppa, Ganapahy, Abhishek as the friends of Jimmy supported well. Biju Kuttan. Sunil Sukudha, Dinesh Panicker, Sasi kallinga also forms the remaining cast.

in this 137mins movie, the movie starts with the narration of Actor dileep. the first half deals with showcases the beautiful village and the people around there, the importance of volleyball for them and so on and followed by some incidence happening in their life executed in a fun manner.

The movie showcases the same scene(A Snake in the well) of ‘Ramaniyechiyude namathil’, its reshooted again very nicely, some scenes were really scary. but the Volley ball match were not up to the mark, it was mention that the players on the other side were nation level players, but towards the very climax we can see that those big players missing their serve, missing the very simple ball they gets, etc….

Bottom Line: Overall, a one time watchble flick. watch it without much expectation, it will satisfy you.


  • Asif Ali.
  • Cinematography.
  • Neat Screenplay and execution without much cliches in the screenplay.


  • The Chemistry between Asif Ali and Anju Kuriyan.
  • The performance of Narain.
  • Songs

Verdict: An average Entertainer.

Thirdshows Rating: 2.5/5.

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