Kasaba Review: A Stylish Cop Story

Kasaba Review: A Stylish Cop Story


Kasaba is a malayalam thriller Cop Story written and directed by Nithin Renji Panicker, son of Renji Panicker.   Cinematography is handled by Sameer Haq and Edited by Mansoor Muthutty. The music is composed by Rahul Raj and the movie is produced by  Alice George under the banner of Goodwill Entertainments.


Watch the teaser of Kasaba:


Mammootty as Circle Inspector (C.I.) Rajan Zachariah.
Varalaxmi as Kamala.
Neha Saxena as Susan.
Jagadish as Sub-inspector (S. I.) Mukundan.
Sampath Raj as Parameshwaran Nambiar.
Maqbool Salmaan as Jagan.
Shaheen Siddique as Arjun.
Siddique as Arjun’s father.


Rajan Zachariah is a police officer in Palakkad District serving as Circle Inspector . he is not an Ideal Cop, he lives on his own terms. in short, a bold stylish lazy Police officer. once one of his colleague’s son Arjun and his fiancee dies in a bomb blast, followed by he requests a transfer to that place and investigate this.


Rajan Zachariah is a Bold Stylish police officer who lives in his own terms. he never respects his senior officers or follows the rules. he serves the nation as Circle Inspector.

On to the Technical side, Nithin Renji Panickers Direction were not up to the mark but okay as a debutant. Storyline were so much cliched and Predictable including the climax but the Dialogues written by himself were really superb. Cinematography handled by Sameer Haq had done nothing much except the shots of a fight scene in a bar were really awesome. Background Score by Rahul raj were nice while the item song were not upto the mark. Edits were just good.
On to the Performance, Mammootty seems to be very stylish as well as energetic through out the movie. his performance were also good especially those style of walking will make everyone goosebumps. Varalakshmi as Kamala, a bold character were safe in her hands. Sampath Raj as Parameshwaran Nambiar, a politician villain, done his part neatly. Neha Saxena as Susan had nothing much to do as to cry a lot but were okay.  Jagadish as Sub-inspector (S. I.) Mukundan were really good.
Maqbool Salmaan as Jagan and Shaheen Siddique as Arjun also supported well. Siddique as Arjun’s father as well as a College of Rajan Zachariah done supported really well. a sentimental scene done by him vere so much emotional.

in this 136mins movie, the first half deals with the showcase of the attitude and style of Rajan Zachariah followed by an

Bottom Line: A predictable and week storyline of a Stylish Cop and his investigation filled with some fun, executed not in a bad way. watch it with zero expectation.


  • Mammootty seems to be so Stylish as well as his energy level were damn high.
  • Background Music was really nice.
  • Dialogues were good.


  • storyline and screenplay could have been made better.
  • Can’t find any suspense thriller elements in the movie.
  • some lag in the second half and a predictable climax.

Verdict: An Average Cop Story.

Thirdshows Rating: 2.5/5.

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