Kanal Review : A suspenseful slow pace thriller

Kanal Review : A suspenseful slow pace thriller


The rejoining of duo Mohanalal and M. Padmakumar after the super hit flick Shikkar made me to watch the suspense thriller Kanal with a lot of expectation. But it was an average revenge thriller for a one-time watch

The technical side, Script penned by Suresh babu were lagging at many points especially in the first half but were ok and the direction were also good. BGM by Ouseppachan were really good but the Music were just ok. Cinematography were nice and the edits were really good

The movie is narrated by voice of Prithviraj, Previously there was a news that Prithviraj will share the screen with mohanlal. The movie begins in Qatar on a tragic note. Recession has affected the business of two of the main characters essayed by Atul Kulkarni and Prathap Pothan. The scene then shifts to a train, where Mohanlal’s character meets Anoop Menon’s Anantha Raman. This sets off a chain of events, but whether the meeting had an influence on Mohanlal’s character is not known.

The train stops, and they continue the journey by truck. John tells Anantharaman to accompany him to Karwar to meet the hotel baron Raghu Hilltop (Prathap Pothen), who is planning to build a resort in the region. Anantharaman had to pretend to be John’s associate while he himself pretends to be an architect. After a sudden turn of events, Anantharaman wants to run away but John does not let him go.

To the performance, Mohanlal with a negative touch to the character executed really well. Anoop Menon as Anantharaman really done a good role. Their combination scenes work outed very well. Atul Kulkarni, Prathap Pothan, Honey Rose and all the rest supporting well.

Bottom Line: Kanal is a slow paced suspense thriller and won’t get accepted by all kind of audience.


  • Mohanlal and anoop Menon.
  • BGM.
  • Direction.


  • Screenplay.
  • Final Suspense can be easily predictable.

An average suspense thriller.

Thirdshows Rating:-2.75 / 5


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