Jilebi Review: Is Jilebi that Much Sweeter?

Jilebi Review: Is Jilebi that Much Sweeter?


Jilebi is a Malayalam movie penned and directed by Debutant Arun Shekhar. Cinematography is handled by Alby and music by Bijibal. Movie is produced by East cost Vijayan.
First of all, Jilebi is a movie with a simple story which is executed in a good way. The movie goes through the present modern life style of parents being so busy, concentrating on their carrier more and getting no time to look after their kids. senting them to boarding even in their early schooling and the problems there by.

Debutant director Arun had been sucessful in executing this simple script into a unbored 139mins movie.The art department, editing and the screenplay should have been made better. Cinematography was pleasant. the music too was ok but BGM was terrible.
Jayasurya plays the character of a farmer Sree Kuttan, who believes farming as a tradition rather than business. But the story takes a turn that he gets to interact with 2 kids who had came from abroad and the story continuous on a journey from Thrissur to Kodekanal with that kids.

Jayasurya done a neat and good performance. Ramya Nambeeshan looks convincing as a mother of two kids played by Gourav and Sayuri Arun.

This Jileebi can be tasted in this weekend with family especially kids will enjoy its taste more than others.


  • Jayasurya 
  • Cinematography 
  • A couple of good songs 


  • BGM
  • Screenplay 
  • Story have nothing new 

Verdict: A one time watchable clean comedy entertainer.
T/S Rating: 2.5/5


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