Jeevaj Raveendran : The Promising Talent of this Generation

Jeevaj Raveendran : The Promising Talent of this Generation


There are so many peoples who want to make a cinema or at least to became a part of it. But the problem is many of them have only wishes but aren’t ready to work hard or some people may won’t have enough talent.
But when talent meets hard work surely he’s gonna be successful in life.

Here Thirdshows find someone who dreams so, have a very good piece of talent and moreover ready to work without any hesitation up to achieve what he wanted to.

‘Jeevaj Raveendran'(Jeeva), son of  late KK. Raveendran master and Ajitha Raveendran in Calicut. He is well known for his short films. He had done multimedia animation course and soon after started to try new things. Experimenting new ideas is his hobby.

His first directional venture was a short film named ‘Patent’ in which he tried to visualizes the survival crisis facing by contemporary man of current generation. The director uses ‘Ants’, a common and social insect for rendering his thoughts and messages in this four minute film. Then he had done another short film titled ‘STILL ALIVE’ it is a stop-motion short film. Stop-motion is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The hero is an men sport shoe trying to make a women chappal fall in love with him. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames. They have taken 1800 stills for this stop motion short film. For this he had won 2 awards.

His next, ‘Athe karanathal’ starring Vinod Kovoor(fame Marimayam) was the short film which had won more than 30 awards till now in many short film fests. It discuss about a social issue happening around us.
“I was on that  bridge hogging  peanuts and that moment I noticed this news on a piece of paper which was used for wrapping  the peanuts. The particular issue had done many times earlier in films, so then I thought how to make it different and the result was this” says the director.

It’s  my mother and brother who supports me in each and every time.  Which gives me more and more energy and confidence each time.

Even he had frequently roamed over directors and producers for a entry pass to the industry. But unfortunately no one is cared. But by fate or luck one day he got a call from Alphonse and he offers to assist him in his new film Pemam. In fact Alphonse is a virtual guru of jeeva, and he is really inspired from Alphonse. “I was so happy as well as surprised it was a great feeling as winning  a lottery”-Jeeva

Moreover not only a director, Jeeva  is also a good social worker, the movement initialised by Kozhikode district collector in tie up with  Kerala hotel and restaurant association titled as ‘Operation Sulaimani’ is a new step taken by calicut in order to make Calicut as a non-starvation city. The promo video of this movement is visualised in a way that mixing the slang, taste and the beauty of the city in perfect ratio by the young director Jeeva with zero remuneration, which had now been a talkative issue throughout.

The title song of a Irish movie directed by Jineesh Panakal “The Oots” is captured and visualised by Jeeva itself.

When asked about future plan he said that “by  assisting a great director like Alphonse helped me to learn many things but still I have to learn more things, soon after that I will be doing a movie and surely it will be a good cinema”

Thirdshows wish him very best for his  future and may Malayalam industry gets a new director.



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