Ivide Malayalam movie : Review

Ivide Malayalam movie : Review


Ivide is a Shyamaprasad signatured thriller movie. It is a good quality movie, but there is some lacks of elements that will attract the crowd to the theater.

Ivide is a mysterious thriller penned by Ajayan Venugopal and developed by film maker Shyamprasad. Starring Pritviraj, Nivin Pauly and Bhavana in the lead.

Shayaprasad has been successful making a good thriller in about 160mins with a perfect casting of Pritviraj, Nivin Pauly and Bhavana in the lead.

Cinematography is another big thing giving Ivide a Hollywood touch. BGM composed by Gopi sundar had contributed the movie well making the scenes more thrilling and there are a couple of good songs too. Many Hollywood technicians are including in crew of Ivide. The movie seems to be lagging in second half.

Ivide is a crime thriller which narrates the serial killings of IT professionals in Atlanta, America.The movie revolves around the murder mystery and Prithviraj plays Varun Blake, a cop of Indian origin is in charge of the investigation. During the investigation he gets acquainted with Krish Hebbar (Nivin Pauly) who is a CEO of an IT company. Their relationship makes another turning point to the investigation which forms the rest of the plot. The entire movie shoted in Atlanta U.S.

The character played by Pritviraj is simply superb. Nivin and Bhavana too acted well. Along with them Y G Mahendra also include the main cast of Ivide. Lack of a good relevant story and overall crawling makes this movie not more than an average thriller.

Pritviraj is simply superb
Movie goes in too slow pace
Don’t have any good punch Or a good twist for a thriller
Verdict: A one time watchable thriller with some good visual treat
P.S: never expect a fast moving thriller with lot of twists at the end
Ivide is a slow pace thriller without any punch twists.

T/S Rating: 2.5/5



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