Ithu Thanda Police Review: A Disappointing Entertainer

Ithu Thanda Police Review: A Disappointing Entertainer


Asif Ali’s first police movie which ha earlier titled as ‘Driver on Duty’ but later changed to ‘Ithu thanda Police’ is a Malayalam Comedy Movie Written and Directed by Debutant Manoj Palodan and is Produced by Ravi Kottarakara. The cinematography is Done by Hari Nair whereas Music and Background Score is Composed by Sumesh Parameswaran.


Asif Ali as Constable Ramakrishnan and Janani Iyer as Female Police Officer Niya Menon.  Along with them Abhirami as Arundhati Varma,
Sruthi Lakshmi as Mumthas and Krishna Prabha as Annamma are the main characters in the movie.
also Sunil Sukhada, Sudheer Karamana, Kottayam Pradeep, Sethulakshiyamma, Neena Kurup, Sneha and
Amit Kumar Vashisth includes in the cast.


Elathoor police station is a Vanitha Police Station under the SI Arundathi Varma who is very bold and strict by her character. The dedicated police force lacks the service of a police driver so that they can reach places immediately. The movie is basically revolving around the incidents that happen after the arrival of driver Ramakrishnan at this police station.

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Manoj Palodan who had earlier assisted Saji Surendran pretty much follows the latter in making and ‘Ithu Thanda Police’ Reminds us the same a lot.
On to the Technical Side, the weak Screenplay with a Cliched storyline and Unsatisfied Making Style done by Manoj Pandalom totally failed to Impress the Audience. The cinematography was not up to the mark but the edits were just okay.
The Background Score were apt to the Scenes where as the Songs were really Awkward especially the Actors Introduction Song and that Green Room song which made the audience feel run out of the Theatres.

On to the casting, Asif Ali portrays the role of Ramakrishnan in his usual way and it was nice. Janani Iyyer doesn’t had much to do but were okay with her role.  Abhirami’s Performance were just okay but the dialogue delivery sounded too bad whereas Sruthi Lakshmi overacts a bit. Talented actors like Sudheer Karamana and Sunil Sughada were okay with their Performances but were given stupid roles. Krishnaprabha, Sajida Madathil, Neena Kuruppu and a few more faces are there who did an okay performance.

The movie is a fun filled entertainer even though most of the Comedies were outdated and the Dialogues were too much Dramatic. I have no idea why the director had tried a cheese screenplay like this even though he had much experience as an Assistant. if he had been more careful in making, this could be an Average flick. In Short other than Asif Ali’s Performance and Some Counter Comedies by the Supporting Crew, the movie has nothing to offer us as an entertainment flick.

BottomLine: A Miserable Making of a week Screenplay with Awkward Dialogues is what Ithu Thanda Police gives away. The Performance of Asif Ali stands best in the flick.


  • Asif Ali Performed Well.


  • Direction and Screenplay.
  • Cinematography and Music.


Verdict: Very Poor.

Rating: 1/5 (one out of five).

Recommendation: Never Recommended.


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