Happy Wedding Review: A simple comedy entertainer

Happy Wedding Review: A simple comedy entertainer


The movie is directed by debutant Omar. The cast also includes Saiju Kurup, Sudhi Koppa, Niyaz Bekkar, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Vinod Kovoor, Aby, Tesni Khan, and Ambika Mohan. The camera is handled by Sinu Sidharth. The lyrics by Harinarayanan are tuned by Arun Muraleedharan. ‘Happy Wedding’ is produced by Nazir Ali under the banner of Ozone Productions.


Watch the trailer of Happy Wedding:


Siju Wilson as Hari.
Sharafudheen as Manu.
Justin John as Tyson
Anu Sithara as Shahana.
DElna as Lakshmi.
Soubin Shahir, Abhi, Abhi, Saiju kurup, Thasni Khan toghether forms the cast.

Hari is a Civil Engineer at Kochi. Hari believes in love marriage while his mother is forcing him to get married soon. Hari decides to find out a girl to fall in love with and he is joined by Manu and Bhai. The resulting interesting incidents are plotted in ‘Happy Wedding’. Siju Wilson does Hari and the movie ‘Happy Wedding’ narrates the funny events happening during his wedding. The film features a group of youngsters who shot to fame with the super hit movie ‘Premam’. the movie also showcase the college days of these young people.


Happy Wedding Narates a simple story of Hari and his life. the movie maker have been sucessfull in making this flick a entertainer without any boring or lagging occasions. the 130mins movie consist of the some funny occasions in the life of hari and also his college life in the first half followed by much funnier situvations of hari in his life with an good ending.

On to the Technical side, Debutant Omar has been sucessful in executing a good decent script in a well entertaining manner. Cinematography and editing were good enough. Even though the songs were just average, the background score seems really nice. totally a decent entertaining movie.
On to the Performance, Siju Wilson as Hari were okay with his character but feels some drawbacks as a Leading hero in some of the occasions. Sharafudheen as Manu, a close companion as well as a cousin of Hari performed well. his each and every counter comedies were really funny and the timing of those were nice.
Soubin Shahir also includes the cast with a simple yet humble role, as usual he was nice.
Saiju kurup, Thasni Khan, Niyas Backker, Abhi and Justin also supported well

Bottom Line: A simple comedy Entertainer worth watching with your family and friends. 


  • Performance of Sharafudheen and also Soubin.
  • Background Music was really nice.
  • the direction was nice.


  • cliched storyline.
  • some dialogue delivery of leads were little dramatic.

Verdict: A good Comedy Entertainer.

Recommendation: Yes,

Thirdshows Rating: 3/5.

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