Ennu ninte Moidheen Review: A classy love story 

Ennu ninte Moidheen Review: A classy love story 



Good cinemas never dies. Ennu ninte moidheen is a pure classy romantic emotional flick


Love stories are always beautiful and when it becomes a real life story it’s beyond that.

R S Vimal portraits a real life  story based on a real life incident of Moidheen and Kanchanamala that happened in 1960s in the backdrops of Mukkom in Kozhikode district.

R.S Vimal’s style of narration is quite appreciable. His hard work and passion is seen in the big screen and as a result giving an awesome romantic tragedy treat to the audience. Jomon T John’s brilliant work gives the audience a visual treat.Bgm is another highlight of re movie which gave more realistic feel. music  composed by M Jayachandran and Ramesh Narayanan to the lines of Rafeeq Ahmed are  pretty good  especially the “Kannodu chimmane” which was already a hit by now.

Prithviraj and Parvathy essay the titular characters of Moideen and Kanchanamala, respectively. even though this is not the first time prithviraj acted as a real life character. Prithviraj makes his character moideen memorable in viewers mind by his awesome performance. Parvathy also done well and once again proved that she has a great career ahead. Tovino Thomas played the role of Appuetten which was really good All other actors including Sai Kumar, Lena was really superb.Tovino thomas,Bala,Sudheer karmana and indrance supported well.

Moideen (Prithviraj) and Kanchanamala (Parvathy Menon) who grew up toghether under their fathers friendship. but when the love blossoms between them all the problems starts to occur as they are not able to unite in marriage due to societal barricades. They belong to varied casts and backgrounds which force them to get separated moidheen belonged to a reputed Muslim family an she was the daughter of a Hindu landlord.The heart rendering story of the Muslim youth Moideen and the Hindu girl Kanchana whose love becomes an issue first in their family and later in their society is portrayed in this film


  • The performance of Prithviraj is beyond perfect
  • The combo workout well
  • Direction and Script
  • Music


  • The movie is  bit lengthy

Bottom line: a entertaining first half and emotional second half with the real life love story executed brilliantly.

Verdict : A must watch romantic tragedy visual musical treat.

Thirdshows Rating : 4.25/5

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