Dileep and Mamtha mohandas in ‘Canadian Tharav’

Dileep and Mamtha mohandas in ‘Canadian Tharav’


Hit maker director Shafi back into action after a while with Dileep, Mamtha and Namitha Pramod. The movie titled as ‘Canadian Tharavu’, which is sounds interesting. As shafi’s previous projects it will be a family comedy entertainer.

Dileep will play role of carefree richman and Mamtha will do role of a malayali women settled in canada. They will get married and will fly to canada. And there is a series of events happening in their life. This is the plot of the entertainer.

Shafi’s  brother Rafi is written the story and he is also playing an important character. Mukesh, Aju Varghese, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Asokan, Shaju, Lena, Vinaya Prasad and Bollywood star Makaranth Desh Pande are among the cast.

When shafi and dileep joined together there was huge hits like Kalyanaraman and Merikkundoru Kunjaadu. In the other side My boss was a mega hit of Dileep- Mamtha pair.



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