Baahubali : It’s an Experience

Baahubali : It’s an Experience


As in the tag line, this is the biggest movie ever in the Indian Cinema.

Baahubali is not just a movie; it’s an experience. You have to feel it from a theater.  First of all a big applause for the director Rajamouli for giving us a fresh new experience in Indian Cinema.  Rajamouli has taken it to another level that can match any Hollywood film in terms of technical perfection. Each and every actor and actress had done their best especially Prabhas, Nassar, Sathyaraj, Thamannah, and Anushka did really well.

Technical aspects of Baahubali stands at top compared to entire Indian movies. Cinematography is another part which makes Baahubali another level. The camera work of Senthal will make the audience feel WOW. The art section handled by Sabu Cyril, he is from kerala and VFX are simply superb. Music too was really good.

We cannot comment on script or story, because this is only the beginning and the conclusion part has to hit the theater soon. Now we can review it only in the aspect of technical side which is impossibly superb.

Coming to the plot, Movie starts with the story of Siva (Prabhas) who lives in the water fall valley with his step mother and father. He wants to reach at the top of the mountain near them and want to see the scene from top, since childhood itself he tried a lot but fails. Once he climb the entire mountain, by reaching there he finds a girl and fall in love with her. Knowing more about her, he gets to know that she is a brave girl and is trying to free devasena (Anushka), Siva goes there and free her by fighting with that king. After freeing her from them everyone calls him Baahubali, getting surprised Prabhas tries to find the story on it. And the story continuous on the flashback of baahubali’s life

Rajamouli he had given 100% dedication for the movie and surely this beginning is going to make us wait for the conclusion of this grand  part.

Rating – 4/5



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