‘Ayal Njanalla’  a feel good movie

‘Ayal Njanalla’  a feel good movie


Ayal njanalla is an romantic comedy treat from actor turned director Vineeth kumar.

Ayal njanalla is a Malayalam movie directed by actor Vineeth kumar.the movie is penned by Film maker Ranjith and the camera is handled by shamdat.the movie is produced by Dr. T.A Sundhar Menon under the banner of Sun ads and films production. Music is composed by Manu Rameshan.

Coming on to the Technical aspects each and every things stands top. Even though Vineeth had only done few Ad films earlier, he executed well. He has his own in a simply and different way. screenplay done by Ranjith was really awesome. Cinematographer made the movie more colorful and Manu had composed a couple of cool songs which make the situation more beautiful.

The character of prakahan with koilandi slang were safe in the hands of Fahad Fasil, he just lived the character.the performance of female lead Mrudula murali was good enough but the second lead debutant Divya was not up to the mark. Renji Panikar, T.G Ravi, Tini Tom,Akshat Singh and Sijoy Varghese supported well.

A fully entertaining first half and some serious second half with good comedies and little romance, all together make the movie a watachable  one.

Many malayalees from koylandi have migrated to Northern Part of India to do tyre business and this movie narrates a story of such a malayalee who had migrated to Gujarat and is settled there for 15years doing tyre business with his uncle. Once uncle died and all burden and liabilities gets under Prakash. He then goes to Banglore for making some money and the story continuous on the problems faced by him.

  • Direction
  • Fahad Fasil
  • Screenplay


  • Story is not upto the mark

Verdict: A one time watchable feel good movie 

Thirdshows Rating: 2.5/5

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