Will the Shortfilm “Attack” attack your mind?

Will the Shortfilm “Attack” attack your mind?


Attack is a romantic action thriller Malayalam short film directed by Sameer SamAttack tells the story of a young lovers hanging out, suddenly some one starts following them and the story continues on the problems faced by them in their journey. It is taken somewhat different from all other short stories.

Technical aspects are very high, we won’t even feel that this is a short-film. Direction, Editing and BGM mixing is done by Sameer Sam itself. Even though the BGM is from third party, Sameer had proved his talent on the other two parts.

Another best part of the short-film is its fight scenes, special kudos for its fight master who have brilliantly executed. Cinematography done by Arjun could have been made little more better. Even VFX and graphics has been used in this.

This 21 minutes longer movie crafts a perfect message in insecurity of women’s in our society, and also be careful while approaching someone that they may be utilizing her for some own reasons. This will be the first Malayalam short film to use VFX and graphics and also gives a perfect message.

Thirdshows recommends this as a must watch short film.

This was published on May 1st 2015 and till now got more than 29,000 views with 250 likes and just one dislike.(26-05-2015)

T/S Rating:2.5/5


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