Asif Ali as Inspector Dawood Ibrahim

Asif Ali as Inspector Dawood Ibrahim


IDI – Inspector Dawood Ibrahim will be directed by Sajid Yahiya and Arouz Irfan. The movie will be produced by Sajin Jaffar, Asif Ali and Brijeesh Mohamed under the banner Adam’s World of Imagination. Asif Ali putting the hat of a producer with this banner. The first movie of the Adam’s World of Imagination is Kohinoor which has Indrajith, Asif Ali and Chemban Vinod, Sunny Wayne, Aju Varghese in lead roles.

IDI is a pre announced project through a online promotion page Cinema pranthan. But the lead role was kept as suspense, but now it is revealed. Asif ali is the Dawood Imbrahim. The movie name itself giving an eagerness to this film.


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