Anarkali Review: A Romantic Flick 

Anarkali Review: A Romantic Flick 


After the back to back blockbusters Prithviraj is again on Big screens with Sachy’s Anarkali. Yes Sachy had been done a neat job   in executing this romantic flick with much fun element and a touching story.

After Mammooty and Mohanlal its first to have 3 consecutive movies running on BiG Screens on the same time and the thing is that all 3 movies is directed by Debutants. Joy, Romance, Emotions or Whatever the role may be, its safe in the hands of Prithviraj. So why we have to wait more, let’s call him “SUPERSTAR”.

Movie starts with the story of Shanthanu who comes to Lakshadweep to find his love and First half is filled with the flashback story of his romance and all followed by a twisty intervel. Second half is of finding his love and sorting the thing out with an emotional climax.

On to the Technical Side, Sachy done a neat job with a excellent Script and brilliant Direction.
Music By Vidya Sagar were nice especially the one ‘Aa Oruthi Avaloruthi’ sang by Vineth Sreenivasan. BGM were good while the Edits were ok. The movie were filled with beautiful visuals and all credits goes to Sujith Vasudevv for his excellent Cinematography.

On to the Casting, as usual Prithviraj As deep Sea Diver Santhanu were simply Superb. Once again he proves that future of malayalam cinema is safe in the hands of Prithviraj. The dedication level is seen in many scenes, there are a couple of adventures sequences which is done by himself and Special applause for him. Biju Menon as Zakariya a close friend of Santhanu does a neat supporting role especially in the last few Minutes he was just awesome in delevering fun elements. Sudev Nair as Naseeb Imam does a good role. Miya as doctor were ok but don’t have much to do with it. Priya Gol were really beautiful and the acting also were ok and the chemistry work out well between them. Kabir Bedi,Samskruthy Shenoy, major Ravi, Madhupal, Shamaprasad and Renji Paniker were good.

The plot revolves around a man who comes to Lakshadweep as a Sea Diver for a cause and continuous on how he sort out the problems out there with the help of the people out there.

Bottom line: Anarkali being a romantic flick which is rich in beautiful visuals and awesome performance, is more than a watchable flick especially with family.

  • Pritviraj
  • Cinematography
  • Direction


  • Being a 2.47hrs long, the movie lags a bit in some sequence.
  • BGM could have been better.

Verdict: A good Romantic flick which could be enjoyed with family and friends.

Thirdshows Rating: 3.25/5.

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