Action Hero Biju: A Realistic Police Officer

Action Hero Biju: A Realistic Police Officer


It was very exited to see Nivin Pauly In Big Screens after long 252 days, that too in a very new rough and tough look. so the choice were none other than First Day First Show.

Firstly this is not a normal type of police story in which a Police officer is seen chasing a goon, about some problems facing in his life and all… but the movie deals with the day to day life of every cops. The movie is all about the life of a brave police officer ‘SI Biju Paulose’ who deals with the problems of others and the society.

Onto the Technical Aspects, Abrid’s Direction were really nice and DOP of Alex J Pulickal (who is a long time associate to Jomon T John) were very realistic, from the very first shot to the end he continues to impress us with his professional work. Screenplay by Abrid Shine and Muhammed Shafeekh were really good. there are 3 Songs composed by Jerry Amaldev were good and the Background Score by Rajesh Murukeshan were also nice

On to the Perfomance: Nivin as S.I Biju Paulose of an Janamytree Police Station done a neat job and performed in a very natural way. A brave police officer who wishes to serve the society and People. Special applause for Suraj for his marvelous cameo performance.

Anu Emmanuel had nothing more to do than to appear in few scenes. Major Ravi, Saiju Kurup, Jude Anthony, Joju George, Rony Davis Kochu Preman, Valsala Menon also supported well. There are also a lot of Debutants in the movie and among them the perfomance of two street Drunkens were very really funny.

Each and Every Character that plays main role or even a Cameo role done their part in a very well manner and the director had utilised them fully.

On to the Plot, the movie says the story of a Brave Police Officer who works in a janamaytree police Station. He will try to solve the problems faced by the people. This is not a normal story of a police officer that we have been seen in Malayalam movies, indeed this deals with the other side of a real police officer and the incidents that a officer will be experiencing in his daily life.

The movie also delivers good messages about the present new generation.


  • Cinematography
  • Nivin’s Natural Perfomance
  • Realistic Direction
  • Each and Every Guest Appearances were utilised well.


  • Romance between Nivin-Anu didn’t work out well even though the romance didn’t have much space in the story.
  • The songs were not that much apt to the Situvation.
  • There are no twist or big Suspenses even though it’s a police story. So it’s not sure how the Audience are gonna accept it.

Bottom line: A well executed script which narrates the other side of a police officer that we see in our daily life.which is taken in very natural an realistic manner.

Thirdshows Rating:3.75/5.

Verdict:A natural realistic good movie.Recommended for both family and youth.


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