Acha din : Is this what Audience expected?

Acha din : Is this what Audience expected?


After the action flick ‘Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus’ G.Marthandan is holding hands with Mammootty with a clean family entertainer. A.C Vijeesh is handling the screenplay who earlier had done the scripting of Immanuel directed by Lal Jose starring Mammootty in the lead.
Marthandan has again failed to convery a good movie to the audiance. He has to improve a lot and also script of A C Vijesh hadn’t reach up to the expectation. Director loses the control over the second half mainly because of dull story line and week screenplay. The Story could have been made better than this same cliche. Music done by Bijibal stands average while BGM was below average. Cinematography by Divin Viswanathan stands best of the movie.

Acha din discuss the story of Durga Prasad who is a pilgrim from Jarkhand who is came to Kerala before 20 years and settled in Kochi. He has a job in a main shopping mall in the city as a cleaner. Mansi Sharma is doing the female lead as Heroine to Mammooty.

Once they met an situation in which they need a lot of money, Durga Prasad works hard to get some money and also he gets to face some other problems and the story continues on trying to make money and solving the problems.
Coming to the cast, Mammooty Is simply superb with his character but don’t have much to do with it. mani Sharma did well along with them Renji Panicker and Maniyanpilla Raju,Padmaraj,Saju Navodaya and Kishor are also a part of it.


  • Mammooty
  • Cinematography


  • Immature direction
  • Week screenplay
  • Story is somewhat cliche
  • Movie is very short (108mins)

Verdict: one time watable average thiller.

Thirdshows rating: 2.5/5


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