Aana Mayil Ottakam: Review

Aana Mayil Ottakam: Review


Cinema are the dream of many peoples. one more low budget movie is released today that too in a very few screens.
Yes, iam taking about ‘Aana Mayil Ottakam’ which is an Anthology movie (a combination of two or more unrelated short films) that is released in only 10 theatres all over in Kerala.
Aana Mayil Ottakam is the dream come true of many passionate cinema lovers and the result of their hardwork. The movie is directed by the duo Anil Sign and Jayakrishna MV.

The movie consist of 3 short films. First one is ‘Aa Aaa E Ee’ directed by Jayakrishnan which is lead by Mithun Murali, Sunil Sugatha, Baby Meenakshi, Master Gaurav Menon etc…

It narrates the story of a poor person from his schooldays till present. The lifestyle of poor persons, his dreams friendship, love and once his love breakups and he starts to drink and gets addicted to alcohol. Because of this habits the problems he has to face in the society is narrated in a very well way.

Saran does his part really good and also the kids who played the role of their childhood were really nice. 
Second one is 12 out of 15 directed by both Jayakrishna and Anil Sign and it tell the life in a multi national company in a thrill full manner.

The story developed in only two rooms. Balu Vargheese, a graduate guy attending an interview for a job in a Multi National Company is narrated in a very well manner and the directors have been able to keep the audience in a thrill full atmosphere till the end.

The interview is not like normal interviews, The Company does a Phone interview. all he have is 15mins and he has to give answers to any 12 questions. Balu Varghese and Santhosh Keezhatoor also does his part in neat way
Finally last one is directed by Anil Sign named ‘Fill in the blanks’ with Saran in the lead. It’s a journey in a public bus and all the passengers have some needs and continues on it.

The movie is in a slow pace and make the audience feel like to fill in the blanks that the director have made.

Cinematography by Aneesh Babu Abbas were really wonderful for the first two movies but the camera used for the final one was not upto the mark.
BGM and music by Saji Raam, Rakesh Keshavan and Syam Ramesh were good while the edits were also good.Actresses were debutants and their perfomance were just ok.

Bottom Line: A Combination of 3 short films, where first one drives us to the old good days and second one a good thriller and finally a slow paced movie executed not in a bad way and is a watchable flick.


  • Direction were good 
  • DOP except the third one.


  • Third movie lags a lot.
  • Unapt title.

Verdict: an average watchable flick.

Thirdshows Rating:2.5/5



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