Lens malayalam movie Review

Lens malayalam movie Review

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Lens is a bi-language film written directed and produced by debutant jayaprakash radhakrishnan. The movie discusess about how a digital interaction between two strangers turns into a hostage drama. Cinematography Is done by S.R Kathir, Background Score by Sidharth Vipin and Edited by Jainul Abdeen and Gaugin.
Lens is Distributed by Lj Films Pvt Ltd.


watch trailer of Lens here: https://youtu.be/nDd8myAMr1s

Lens is a film about how a digital interaction between two strangers turns into a hostage drama. Social media gives you the impression that you can always disconnect from it and be free of any consequences. But it’s actually an addiction. at times, you are forced to sit through things you do not want to see or hear. Lens is about one such situation.

the movie starts with a young aged Married man named Aravind who is more intrested in cyber sex than the relationship with his wife. one fine day he startes to chat with an unknown id in social media and followed by some incidedents om how he gets trapped with that particular person and his story.
On to the technicle side, a worthy story, brilliant screenplay and a well effective making together made the movie a simple superb thriller. The treatment given to the movie entirly different from all those movies we use to watch in malayalam. Cinematogrphy and Background music were nice while the edits were not up the mark, there are no songs in the movie.
director Jayaprakash itself have acted on the main lead role as Aravind, and there are few more faced which have done a neat performance especially the one played as Yohan.

the 1.48hrs movie is almost set in a room chat and the chats and phone calls forms the entire thing in the movie. The movie also gives a strong message for us.

Bottomline: The man Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan have to be appretiated on trying this enteirly an new attempt. Surely watching this will make u think twice before you watch porn movies next time because the movie gives a strong message that watching is as well as a crime as capturing and uploading it on internet.

* Direction.

* a small lag on some occasions.

Verdict: a small movie which gives a great message which is worth to watch.

Thirdshows Rating:4/5.

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