‘BEN’ Malayalam movie review

‘BEN’ Malayalam movie review


Debutant director Vipin Atley’s Ben have lot of good messages to give away to the audience along with some tears in thier eyes. Film maker Vipin Atley is well known for the movie ‘Homely Meals’ as both writer and actor.

Firstly more than an entertainer this movie tries to deliver a very good message to all the audience especially to the modern parents who gives more priority to the People and society than the emotions of their kids.

Coming on to the Technical aspects, Script was done in a good manner, direction too was good. Music and BGM was ok. And cinematography was good enough.

First half were little bit lagging in some areas especially many comedies were not timed correctly but second half were much better in terms of emotions and delivering a message to the audience.

On to the Casing, Monkey Pen fame Jagru as Ben done his part really well and been best of the crew. Suraj as Father of Ben done a good matured role and was convincing. Anjali as Mother were really good and convincing too. Anwer Shareef too got a good role and was ok with it. 2 guest appearance were there and let it be a surprise. But the comedy elements were not correctly timed.

Coming to the movie Ben, movie starts with the introduction of a family living in Kochi followed by the birth of a kid named Ben, childhood and school life. Ben is a kid who loves to play and enjoy his life with the other kids but his greedy mother is not at all satisfied with the life he is living and as a result she sends her husband to abroad, change his school and merge to a Villa in town and followed by the problems facing by Ben is Visualized very neatly.

Bottom Line: A simple movie which delivers a good message in a nice manner. Worth watching it with your family if you love kids and that type of movie.


  • Performance of Jagru and Suraj
  • Direction


  • Fun elements were not timed correctly
  • First half lags a bit

Verdict: An Average family Movie which delivers a good message in a nice manner.
Thirdshows Mark 65% 


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