‘Rani Padmini’ Review : A feel good movie with magical frames

‘Rani Padmini’ Review : A feel good movie with magical frames


A journey of 2 women through unfamiliar places and different situations filled with fun,romance and emotions executed brilliantly. Totally a Visual treat executed in a new way.

The much awaited Aashiq Abu’s women centric adventurous movie Rani Padmini had been released today. The comeback of Ashik Abu and the Combo of Manju-Rima were the factors that made me to watch this movie first day itself.

Aashiq Abu had made a good comeback through this film, the talent of film maker is simply sculptured in this movie. Special kudos for his courage to try a flick like this in malayalam industry. The screenwriters Shyam Pushkaran and Ravi Shankar has done a very good job. Emotions, struggles and all are nicely added in a realistic manner.

Cinematography done by Madhu Neelakandhan is the backbone of Rani Padmini. It gives us a visual treat through different beautiful areas of India. When Bijibal’s BGM were added the movie takes us to an another level. Music were just good and the Edits were nice and aesthetics.

On to the Casting, Manju Warrior and Rima Kallingal as the titular Characters performed well. To the directors word that none other than these two can do this role this much neatly, they were competing against each other. Other crew such as Jinu Joseph, Soubin Shaheer, Praveen Jain, Sreenath Bhasi, Sooraj Harris, Dileesh Pothen also supported well.

The film deals with the story of two women Manju and Rima as the titular characters Rani and Padmini and their journey together in a new ‘world’. The first half is just 48mins and second half is of 94mins. The movie starts with the eloping of both Rani and Padmini from thier homes for some reasons. On that journey both meets up and continue together to meets some needs and followed by the struggles and problems both Rani and Padmini goes through in different situations of their life is shown in the film.

The technical team had worked well. Their struggle and hard work is seen in the movie. Only thing I felt irritating was the kind of character Manju Warrior is taking, all her characters in the movies after her comeback is of same kind.

Bottom Line:
 The movie is a visual treat with romance, emotions and some fun elements executed in a very enjoyable level.


  • Performance of Rani and Padmini.
  • Cinematography and BGM.
  • Direction.


  • Cliche characterisation of Manju.
  • Second half lags a bit.

Verdict: Adventurous travel movie with great visuals and a refreshing feel. 

Thirdshows Recommendation: 85% recommended.
Thirdshows Rating: 3.5/5.

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