double barrel: is this what audience  expected?

double barrel: is this what audience  expected?


When heard about the big budget project of August Cinemas with the magical director Lijo Jose Pellissery that too with a huge row of promising actors, Double Barrel was the much awaited movie of the year. As a bonus a couple of surprising teasers, a promo song and a much exited trailer made the hype and expectation of DB too high.

The technical  side ,cinematography was really awesome and the direction too was nice but a weak storyline and lagging in second half made the movie little bit boring. BGM was quite good but  songs were not that much good.
The movie says a gangster story in the backdrop of Goa In not more than 2.38hrs. It was entirely a different experience packed with a pulp fiction-esque feel with Cuban cigars, side beards, bellbottoms, crisp beer, and the style quotient is too high in the movie with the Ray Bans, leather jackets, Jimmy Choos, Louis Vuitton, dapper suits and sharp suits, adding to the 70s glam retro feel.
The movie discuss a hamster story  between many gangs for 2 presious diamonds named Laila and majnu worth 100 crores two gangs and continuos on how they strugle to make it their own.
Pritviraj and indrajith acted really well as a team, on other side there are many gangs and mainly the duo Arya and Cheban vinod made some fun elements. One black guy named blacky were little funny taking malayalam.Asif Ali and Perly Maaney playes as lovers and Sunny wayne  also were noticeable without speaking a single dailouge.

The making of the movie is really appreciable but failed to make a good storyline or relevant logic But the movie has extra ordinary style and more over a lot of bullets flying around all over. This is really a new experience for malayalee audience which almost everyone won’t accept.

Bottom Line: double Barrel is lot of unfamiliar elements and different way of making without any story or logic.


  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Performance of Pritviraj and indrajith
  • BGM


  • Story line is weak
  • Music
  •  The movie lags a lot in the second half

Verdict: One time watacble, if you love to have a new experience(do watch without and hope and expectation.)

ThirdShows Rating: 2.5/5


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