Jamnapyari: Chakochan’s Onam Treat 

Jamnapyari: Chakochan’s Onam Treat 


To find the hidden obstacle behind the variety title ‘Jamnapyari’ is the main thing that made me to watch the movie, with the release of promo song ‘enthootta kkdaave’ and the promising trailer,  this turned out to be a must watch movie for me .
The script of P.R Arun was not up-to the mark but execution of Thomas Sebastian with the help of Anish Lal’s cinematography made the movie a watchable flick. State award winner Gobi Sundar once again proved his talent With a few songs and good BGM’s.
The movie starts with a flashback( 20 years ago) and says the story of a common man Vasu who is very helpful to the public. Vasu loses his life helping the people who met with a bus accident . With the death of Vasu his wife and only son kuttan become alone. But  the people of that place looked after them. People use to call him Vasu’s kuttan and later the name changed to ‘Vasoottan'(chakochan). Vasoottan is a auto driver whom every one of that place likes to hire because of the sweet character and the attitude toward the passengers.

Once a girl named parvathi(Gayathri Suresh) hire his auto, and later the girl along with her parents asks him to help them from a ecnomic trap and need to get a 100 goats from a rare breed named Jamnapyari. vaasoottan by seeing her agrees to help them but it was not that easy to get 100 Jamnapyari in a very limited time and the story continuous on how they tries to get it.

Sabu ( Suraj),Rameshan ( Aju Varghese) , Prakashan (Joy Mathew ) supported well as the friends of Vasoottan. Renji Paniker, Anumol,Sudheer Karmana also include in the cast. Neeraj Madhav done a different role as a new generation short film director and the combo scenes of Neeraj and Suraj made the movie more entertainer.

  • Music and BGM
  • Kunchako done his role neetly.
  • Neeraj and Suraj supported well.


  • Week Screenplay.
  • Cliche story.

Bottom Line: a week screenplay executed neatly with the help of good cinematography and superb songs.

Verdict: A one time watacble family comedy entertainer.

Thirdshows Rating: 2.5/5


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