Utopyayile Rajav : Review

Utopyayile Rajav : Review


Utopiayile Rajavu directed by Kamal and penned by P.S Rafeek is a satire comedy entertainer starring Mammootty and Jewel Mary in the lead.

Firstly ‘satire’ means the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. There is no limitations in criticizing. Where in Utopiya, not only the people speaks but also animals, statues and even dead bodies speaks and the best part is all these are not animated. After the flick Amen P S Rafeek is failed to convey the soul of story to audience. But he tried it in a different way.

Director Kamal have been successful in executing this satirical screenplay well. The work of cinematographer was average and the Music by Ouseppachan had made a mark in the movie especially the promo song ‘Uppinu Pona’. BGM too was above average making the movie more enjoyable.

C.P Swathanthran was very safe in the hands of Mammootty, debutant Jewel Mary (D for dance fame) was ok. Tini Tom, Sreekumar, Janardhan, Sunil sukhada,T.G Ravi, Joy Mathew, Indrans, Sasi Kalinga,Saju Navodaya,KPAC Lalitha and Nobi, Sudheer karmana, Sadiq and Sethulakshimi are the other supporting row.

“Utopiayile Rajavu is a political satire which evolves around the life of a man named CP Swathanthran and tries to get some fame,. This is a story of the imaginary village named Kokrankara. The movie is set in a political scenario but this movie does not have a situation where the punch dialogues are used.

First half is of introducing all characters and discuss the life of C.P and his friends trying to get some fame mainly in politics. Umadevi played by Jewal Mary is a protestor who helps every person for good deeds. In other side C.P finally protest in need of putting a statue of his father Who earlier was a political leader and for that he and his friend comes to the secratrate and protest there. Umadevi also samaram cheyyal there to get justice for a MBBS students death.the second half discuss the problems faced by Umadevi,some others and CP joins with them to get justice.


  • Direction
  • Mammootty, Sunil sukhada
  • Story and script


  • First half is little lagging.
  • Female Lead Jewel Mary is not upto the mark

Verdict: A clean satire comedy  entertainer

Thirdshows Rating 2.5/5


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